Athena3A is the newest development of SCLAVOS in the field of knitted and a range of woven fabric dyeing machines.

Athena3A incorporates some unique features such as:Athena3A is the latest development of SCLAVOS in the field of knitted and woven fabric dyeing machines

  • Double Soft Floating dyeing system (DSF)

  • Open Plaiter system with Liquor by pass

  • Aquachron 3GA continuous washing system for non stop rinsing operation

  • Double Rope operation system for increased capacity of light weight fabrics

  • Automatic Settings Adjustment

  • Advanced Automation system for total Interactive control

  • Full monitoring of utilities consuptions

  • Variable Loading System

  • Integrated Control of Liquor Ratio

  • Low power pump built in house


Benefits that Sclavos can guarantee to users of Athena3A are:

Fabric Quality

  • No surface pilling due to mechanical abrasion

  • Low tension and shrinkage

  • Minimum fibre loss

  • Gentle treatment of delicate fabrics


  • Fast process time

  • Low energy consumption

  • Minimum water consumption

  • Ease of operation

  • Batch to batch repeatability

  • Tangle free operation

  • High capacity for light weight fabrics with no tangles.

  • “Automatic” washing cycle

  • Data for costing calculation


Athena3A Brochure (English)